A New Approach to Connecting Entrepreneurs & Business Owners with Venture Capitalists & Angel Investors

A New Approach to Connecting Entrepreneurs & Business Owners with Venture Capitalists & Angel Investors


While many entrepreneurs and business owners have been able to personally meet VCs and angel investors through local meetings, conferences, and pitch sessions, thousands of these individuals don’t have the connections, and due to the pandemic, many in-person meetings are no longer possible.

Now the VC Connection ( offers a new way for entrepreneurs with new business ideas or seeking expansion capital to connect with venture capitalists and angel investors through personalized email connections. The new service is a division of The Email Connection, which connects individuals to decision-makers in any industry and is the parent company of PublishersAgentsFilms (

PAF has been connecting writers and filmmakers to publishers, agents, and film producers for over 17 years.  The company is now using the same approach to connect entrepreneurs and business owners with investors. This approach also offers VCs and angel investors an opportunity to discover new companies for investments that they otherwise wouldn’t know about.

The company also plans to feature articles by VC on a variety of topics to help entrepreneurs and business owners make a better pitch, such as by knowing how to create a better business plan or pitch deck and how to create a virtual presentation to a VC or angel investor.

The VC Connection was started by Gini Graham Scott, PhD, who founded The Email Connection and PublishersAgentsFilms, and the Marketing and Finance Director is Cheryl Maloney.  Here is a little about them.

Gini Graham Scott, PhD., the founder the company, has an extensive track record as a writer, film producer, and entrepreneur. She has published over 250 books, 50 with traditional publishers and 200 through her company Changemakers Publishing, which specializes in popular business and self-help books. She assists clients in writing, publishing, and producing books, scripts, and informational videos, and she has written and executive produced 10 feature films, documentaries, and TV series. More extensive information about her on her website:

Cheryl Maloney has been buying and selling businesses and real estate properties in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. She holds a law degree and has negotiated many contracts involved in buying and selling a business or a real estate property. She has also spent over 25 years in the bar and restaurant industry and has helped buyers and sellers in this industry, too.

Because publicity and promotion can help a company gain interest from VCs and angel investors, the VC Connection also works with a publicist who Gini Graham Scott has worked with for over 10 years — Jana Collins of Jones and O’Malley. Company owners can use this promotion along with their business plan, pitch deck, and sizzle reel to draw attention to their company, products, or services, such as by staging special events, which can be featured online due to the pandemic.


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