How It Works

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The process involves these key steps


Writing Your Letter

If you write your letter, we review it and make any suggestions for improvement.

If we write it, you review it, make any changes, and then we do a final polish

Targeting Your Contacts

We set up your mailing based on the database you want to reach.

This can include venture capitalists and angel investors in the San Francisco Bay Area or worldwide, based on your type of industry and the level of funding sought.

Sending Out Your Query

Once your query is ready, we send it out to your targeted contacts using our special software.

This sends out the letter from your email to each individual contact by name. So any responses come directly to you.

Getting a Report of Contacts

We send out the letter, from your email, to each individual contact by name, so any responses come directly to you.

Getting Responses

Typically, you will get responses in one to two days, sometimes in hours.

Now you can follow-up from there with any materials, such as a business plan, pitch deck, or sizzle reel.

The number of responses and amount of interest depends on your project. Generally, we have found that almost everyone gets some responses;

Why this System Works So Well


It might take you 20 to 40 hours and hundreds of dollars to put together a database, plus then you need many hours to send out your query individually. 

 But we have special software and a secure mail server that enables us to send out these queries for you very quickly and effectively.


Our Satisfied Customers Say it Best:

We found a great investor for our films.  He had written a book, and with a little help on writing his script, we were able to enter into an agreement for us to produce his film.

Alex Zinzopoulos

Dear Skyyler Productions, Los Angeles, California

I used the service to reach out to investors who might be interested in acquiring one or both businesses I was selling.  I thought they might make a  great acquisition, and I got about a dozen contacts who wanted more information, and some are still considering the companies.

Cheryl Malony

Vanguard Properties, San Francisco, California

I think this service is a great idea.  It is really helpful to be able to reach out to a great many potential investors at the same time, rather than trying to find and contact investors at these firms individually.  I also like contacting prospects initially by email rather than cold calling.

Jim Wickham

Allied Management, New York, New York

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